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We are the University of Colorado Denver's NASA Rover Team Odyssey. We are thirteen senior mechanical engineering students who have come together with one goal: engineer an exceptional mechanical, human-powered rover to bring to the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge in April of 2018. While we have come together for this project, we all have our own reasons for studying mechanical engineering, individual goals for this project, and career aspirations proceeding graduation in May of 2018. Click on our pictures for introductions to each team member.

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Kayla McDermott

"I am studying Mechanical Engineering because I have a passion for aircraft design and development from growing up on Buckley Air Force Base. After graduation, I intend to pursue a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering at CU Boulder as that is the industry where I plan to build my career. Hard work and determination has afforded me membership in Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honor Society. I hope to design a suspension system that will allow optimal travel and stability."