In order to manufacture the designs we have created, which pushes the technological boundaries of this competition, we will need outside funding and contributions. Donations are more than appreciated to help see this project become a reality. No amount is too small. 


Donations to the project can be made by following the Donate Now link and contributing to the CUDenver Odyssey Rover GoFundMe. No amount is too small as we will need as much as we can get in order to purchase parts, materials, manufacturing tools/equipment, and fund all of our team members' trip to Alabama for the competition in April 2018. All things considered, we are estimating the cost to be approximately $25,000.00 and we need help raising those funds. Once you have visited our GoFundMe page, wether or not you are able to make a donation, we would greatly appreciate if you could help us by sharing our GoFundMe page on social media. We appreciate all of the support we receive.


Material donations are more than welcome as well as monetary! We will need every bit of material that we can get as we will be machining and manufacturing 90% of the parts and components from scratch using our own, original designs. FOR MATERIAL DONATIONS: Please contact us at our team email address: or by using the "CONTACT" page.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship opportunities are available at the levels listed below. For sponsorship inquiries or to become an official sponsor of our team please email us at

Signature (Up to $499): 

Sponsors of this level will receive Social Media recognition from our team Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. All of our social media pages are tagged with the official pages of the University of Colorado Denver and other organizations to provide more exposure.

Bronze ($500 - $1,249): 

All attributes of the Signature level as well as the sponsor’s logo/ link on the Odyssey website "SPONSORS" page. This will be linked with the University of Colorado Denver website to drive traffic. Sponsor logo on the back of the team shirts/uniforms worn to all events both on, and off campus events. Logo on all presentation materials. 

Silver ($1,250 - $2,499):

All attributes of the Bronze level with the addition of small logo placement on our vehicle frame as well as team apparel. Exact positions on the rover will be determined as design parameters are defined. Good visibility for media related exposure.

Gold ($2,500 - $4,999):

All attributes of Silver level with a medium corporate logo on a fender of the rover, prominent larger logo placement on our rover then the Silver level, logo on printed material and team apparel, and larger logo on this website's "SPONSORS" page. Social media recognition for a Gold level sponsor will be increased from one post to 4 posts (one per quarter).

Platinum ($5,000 - $9,999):

All attributes of Gold level, and the Odyssey Rover becomes available for company events. The logo increases from medium to large size and will be located on the face of one of our custom-designed wheels which will be entered in the sub-category competition for the wheel technology award. This wheel will be a non-pneumatic polymer/carbon fiber wheel, with a custom tire made from special polymers, that will likely receive great attention. Limit of 3 Platinum level sponsors. For any wheel specific coverage, all three sponsors will be shown on a single wheel. There will be 4 faces for coverage, three individual, and one with all three Platinum level sponsors for media related exposure/pictures. Social media recognition increases from once per quarter to once per month. 

Diamond ($10,000 & Above):

All attributes of Platinum level, with the addition of a company banner to be hung in the CU Engineering HUB as well as displayed at team events. Social media recognition increases from once per month to twice per month.